LCDcycle - Wholesale iPhone, iPad and Smartphone Parts and LCD Recycling.

If you are receiving a higher price from a competitor please send us proof and we will match or beat it, EVERY TIME. We are the largest recyclers in the nation and will not be out-priced or out-classed by anyone!
No longer do we differentiate between OEM and non-OEM.  We do ask that you call to discuss pricing with batches that have a high volume of non-OEM.   If your shipment arrives to us with less than 20% of the LCDs broken, we will increase your payout by 10% in the form of store credit! A 20% broken rate is the standard, and we reward you for beating that! If your broken rate is more than 20% we may need to re-discuss your pricing.  We beg that you pack carefully to increase your payout time and reduce the risk of more damage to the LCDs.:)
Please, a minimum shipment of 50 4/4S or iPhone 5 total LCDs is requested
Contact us if you would like to discuss pricing and we will also e-mail you a pre-paid shipping label.  
iPhone 4/4S LCD Assembly:
1-100 Units: $4.00/unit
100-500 Units: $4.50/unit
500-1,000 Units: $5.00/unit
$1,000+ units: Call us for customized quote
iPhone 5 Assembly:
Call for Pricing!! :)

Over the past couple years we have developed and perfected a proven method of recycling the components from broken iPhone LCD assemblies. While operating as repair shops, we looked at a box of broken parts as a pile of junk. We now see them as potential treasure!

As long as the LCD itself isn't cracked or bleeding we can salvage it, along with other key components on the assembly. We go through all of the effort of testing and sorting the units sent to us, so all you have to worry about is throwing them in a box and shipping them to us at:

                                                                      LCDcycle Corporate Office
                                                                      3054 Leeman Ferry RD SW
                                                                      Suite P
                                                                      Huntsville, AL 35801

Upon receipt of the box we will notify you of receipt and get you paid via Paypal or check.
Repeat this process 1-2 times per month and ta-da! You have an additional revenue stream. Don't forget to shop for our wholesale parts as well.
If you have questions about our process please don't hesitate to call us at (256) 881-7255!